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What Is A Septic Tank And How Does It Work?

The whole septic tank system is essential sewerage storage with a suitable treatment facility that people can find in houses. We will eliminate household wastewater in the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry wastes via the septic tank under the apartment. When it smells, you must carry out septic tank pumping.

The septic tank will keep wastewater, which we also call effluent – which will also break down the solid waste through different anaerobic processes. After doing this, the effluent will distribute via drainage systems where the water will go through the gravel and into the soil.

Why Do You Need to Pump Out the Septic Tank?

As the septic system stores liquid waste, the volume of the sewage tank will be cut down. The wastage in the tank might cause an illness outbreak, and other issues might harm your health and safety.

For the septic system to manage household waste effectively and safely and stop spreading diseases, it is crucial to know that septic tanks get septic tank pumping jamestown nc regularly.

How Often Should You Pump Your Septic Tank?

On average, home septic tanks should be pumped out once every five years to ensure the system functions in the best condition. However, a pump out of a septic tank might need more pumping if the septic tank has low storage and how many people are living in the house.

As time passes, it is common for the house’s septic tank to get blocked once in a while. If you pump out the septic tank regularly, it will help in a few different ways:

  • Get rid of foul odors.
  • Prevents sewer blockages.
  • Get rid of raw sewerage discharge.
  • Prevent damage to the pumping system and clogging.
  • Prevent slow showers and clogged toilets.

So how Is the Septic Tank Pumped Out?

Septic systems are made of one to two tanks connected to a pipe system. The latter is meant to be used by at least five to ten people. However, most septic tanks have different drainage receptacles that people call soak wells or lead drainage systems. Failure of septic tanks means that your drainage receptacle is not working correctly.

Septic tanks are also given a health check by testing how much wastage is filled in your sewage system and if it needs septic tank cleaning Benton Harbor MI. It is because many things are buried in the sewage system, and it is not uncovered until much later. However, as most of the sewage systems are buried, you can try to find the system via original tank permits or get experts to help expose the house’s tanks and inspect the sludge levels.

Once the experts have recorded the sludge level, the septic tank is emptied. The time and costs for the whole process will also depend on the tank’s size or location. First, we will pump the septic tank; then, an expert will examine for any damage done and reseal the tank once and for all.


Knowing about septic tank pumping, it is time to get your maintenance done regularly.