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How frequently you should opt for cleaning your roof?

We always prepare ourselves for the season change, but forget about the roof. Fog, rain, ice, and even shades are the reason behind the moss and fungi formation. The occurrence of mildew, algae, and moss can easily wear out the shingles’ materials. Hence, it can easily create water to collect up and cause a leak into your home.

People have a question about how often to clean their roofs. Well, the question is good as roof cleaning depends on different factors. Let us dive into a safe and effective way of cleaning.

Different reasons that affect roof’s condition

There are some major causes behind dirty and moss-covered roofs.

  • Unnecessary formation of moisture meant for promoting the moss, bacterial growth, and fungi.
  • Due to the structural damage, the water starts seeping under the shingles. The best contractors look into this and find the perfect solutions.

We are mentioning some of the most common reasons behind these issues.

  • Heavy rainfall

Water usually starts accumulating on the roof when rain occurs and results in a moist environment. Thus, there is a formation of moss, bacteria, and fungi. A large amount of rain can cause a big effect on the roof.

  • Extreme shade

Many homes are nestled under large trees that increase their beauty. Trees give us so many benefits like cooling the home and upsurge the property value. Unfortunately, they also cause moisture to evaporate off the roof.

  • Falling off leaves and debris

If leaves are constantly falling on your roof, then you need to clean your roof frequently. This is so because; they can trap the moisture causing moss and fungi to grow up.

How One World Roofing can clean your roofs?

The experts always suggest not doing the cleaning by yourself. People suffer major injuries while doing so and have to take extra precautions. The situation becomes difficult if there is the presence of moisture, moss, or fungi.

At One World Roofing, the experts believe in completing the roof cleaning with the latest treatments and materials. There is a follow-up treatment used for preventing the growth of moss. Hence, we can find out the leaks, cracks, or some other issues. Visit our website to get to know more about our services.