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Here’s How You Can Improve The Life Of Your Axminster Carpets?

Axminster carpet is one of the well-known types of carpet that was first produced in the English town of Axminster by Thomas Witty. Today, these carpets are either produced on Axminster looms or spool Axminster. The pile yarns and backing yarns in Axminster carpets are interwoven, making these carpets incredibly durable to withstand heavy use while retaining their color and pattern. The design and colors of these carpets will remain the same even after years of use. In addition, these carpets offer good acoustical control, longevity, improved air quality, and ease of maintenance.

Common Issues on Axminster Carpets

  • Fluffing

It is completely normal for a new Axminster carpet to shed excessive fibers. Nothing is needed except for regular vacuuming. With that, your carpets will stop fluffing within a month.

  • Sprouting

Did you know what sprouting is? This is a natural issue on a new Axminster carpet in which a single thread sticks out longer and higher than the other. This is so simple to solve. Just take a pair of sharp scissors and cut off the excess part of the thread to the same height as the rest. Here, you may need to avoid pulling the sprout otherwise it will completely damage your carpet.

Now, what if you want to keep your Axminster carpet as good as new always? Here are some of the following tips for you to consider;

Treat Your Axminster Carpet With Love And Respect

The first thing you have to do while entering a room is to take your shoes off and encourage the others to do the same. Certain types of footwear such as those with dust and grime can ruin the pile of your carpet and leave it looking old and damaged. What we would suggest is for you to vacuum your Axminster carpet regularly to increase its lifespan.

  • Clean Up Spills Immediately

In a daily routine, your carpets are always going to get stained. If anything is spilled onto your Axminster carpet, it is wise to clean it as soon as possible to prevent staining. In case of a liquid spill, try to soak it as much as you can using a clean cloth. Rubbing the carpet with a sponge or cloth will increase the risk of damaging the pile and leave your carpet with a frayed patch and unattractive appearance. If your Axminster carpet requires a cleaning product, don’t forget to read the manufacturer’s label and ensure the product is specifically designed for your carpet. If your carpet gets a food spill, scrape it up carefully. No matter what kind of spill is, always work from the outside of the stain to prevent spreading.

  • Move Furniture Occasionally

Heavy pieces of furniture can cause dents in your Axminster carpets that are very difficult to remove. So, it is advisable to move your furniture occasionally, from time to time. This way, you can also save the life of your Axminster carpets.

So, this is how you can prevent damage to your Axminster carpets. If you want these carpets to long last, you may need to take care of them very carefully!