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A Guide on the Best Countertop Materials that You Should Pick For Your Home

Installing new countertops and backsplash in the kitchen and bathroom is an amazing way to enhance the aesthetics of the house. In this guide, we will take you through the 3 wonderful options that are stunning and practical at the same time. Have a look! 

  1. Marble

Marble is metamorphosed natural stone that is recrystallized dolomite and limestone. The new crystals are so brilliant and unique with stunning veins and swirls that you’ll just get hypnotized with one look at the amazing quality and variety of marble. Some of the best benefits of using sealed marble at home are as follows. 

It’s a Cool Stone 

Marble resists heat very well. You can always use the surface to keep lukewarm pans and pots without worrying about the texture and color since hot temperatures cannot ruin the patterns and colors of marble. 

Having said that, it’s always a great idea to use something to place the pans that are too hot since marble is heat resistant but the sealing isn’t as cool as marble is. 

It’s Very Beautiful 

You’ll be mesmerized by the colors and textures available at premium sellers like Granite au Sommet. These suppliers import stunning varieties of marble from all over the world. You can browse the variety on their website. However, due to the current ongoing situation of COVID, the showroom visits have to be scheduled via appointments. 

  1. Granite 

Granite is the undisputed king of countertops when it comes to exclusivity and popularity. Did you know that a piece of granite will always be different from all the other pieces of granite in the whole wide world? Imagine how cool would it be to have a countertop that belongs to you and only you. 

Other fascinating benefits of sealed granite are as follows. 

It’s Very Strong 

One of the reasons that granite is known as a one-time investment stone is that it lasts for more than 2-3 decades. The surface of granite is extremely strong and impact resistant. 

It Resists Heat 

Have you ever wondered why chefs prefer granite countertops in their kitchens? Well, that’s because granite practically remains unaffected by heat. It has the natural virtue of coolness and that’s why the surface of granite can be used to make dough for bread. 

  1. Quartz

Quartz is an engineered (man-made stone). It has so many benefits that many people prefer having quartz at home. Let’s have a look! 

  1. It is scratch-resistant. 
  2. It is bacteria-resistant. 
  3. it is waterproof. 
  4. It is stain-proof. 
  5. It is super duper strong. 
  6. It can be made available in any color that you want. 

All in all, it comes down to your personal choice in the end since all the 3 materials listed above are unique in their own ways.