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What Makes a Perfect Interior Design Now

Most people put their plants in the living room. This space is usually the largest of the house and also the most cozy. Plants give your living room a lot more atmosphere or they can even be used as a room divider. But how do you furnish your living room with many plants? We have some nice examples for inspiration.

Big, Bigger, Biggest

An uninviting corner, a large space or a beautiful large flower pot requires a large plant. Most large houseplants come from the tropics. Some popular plants are the banana tree (Musa), Yucca, date palm or the tree fern, which look great in a large pot. Using the condo interior design is important in this case.

Decorate living room with plants

Hanging Plants

Combine plants in pots with hanging plants above them in a corner of the living room. Plants love to stand together and that way you can create a cozy green corner.

Interior with hanging plants

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Plants are also ideal for use as a room divider. Buy some large pots that you can place next to each other with plants or use a self-made wall with plants in it.

Furnish living room with plants

The latest trend in interior plants is the creation of small still life’s of plants and pots. Small earthenware pots with succulent plants do very well in a group together.

Make your own terrarium

Flower arranging is completely back. Instead of large plants, place small terrariums around your living room. They are easy to make yourself and fill with plants and other greenery.

Terrarium interior design

Create your own green wall

A special idea for your living room can be a green wall. This way you have all the plants together and something very special is created in your living room.

Decorate living room with plants

Decorate the living room in a soothing way? That’s easier than you think

Many people have busy lives in which they work every day, take the children to school, have social obligations, want to do something fun themselves and then they also have a house or apartment where they want to be. It is therefore not surprising that many people want to create a soothing interior in their living room or even their entire house. But how do you create a relaxing living room?

Calming colors that suit the living room

Colors are the most important thing in a relaxing interior . Too bright or too many colors together can be too busy so that you will not find your peace. It is important that you feel comfortable with the colors you choose. These can be light colors, but dark colors can also give your living room a relaxing feeling. Consider, for example, the latest spas and saunas that often use dark tiles. Because the light is not reflected that hard, you experience the light much softer and more intimate and you can therefore rest better. Some popular HDB styles that incorporate a mix between neutrals and subtle pops of colour are minimalist and Scandinavian interior design.