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What are the features and applications of plaster of paris?

Plaster of paris is a widely used material for building construction. The feature of POP is the same as the mortar and cement material feature. Besides construction, plaster of paris has various applications due to its durability and strength. POP is a white colour powder that is a popularly used substance for sculpting, casting and gauze bandages. Here are some features and applications of plaster of paris. 

Building material

Plaster of paris is used as major building material by constructors and architects due to its ingrained features. The material increases the fire resistance of a building structure. It releases water vapour when the plaster burns, which helps in controlling any spread of fire. POP is often used as a protective coating on the walls and ceiling before painting. It also coated on metallic surfaces and wooden surfaces to smooth the surface and increase the fire resistance. 


The plaster of paris has the same feature as cementand it is widely used in many places. It is used in radiotherapy to manufacture individualized immobilization shells for patients. To develop the patient’s head and neck impression, plaster bandages are used. The paste of the plaster is used to fill the impression and make a plaster dummy.

Moulding and casting agent

POP is used in the realm of manufacturing sculptures and metal casting for various purposes. It is used to create moulds which are highly durable for the architectural project as it can withstand high temperature. The majority of architectural frames use the plaster of paris as it adds to the structure’s beauty. It can make window frames, false ceilings, decorative doorways, decorative raised platforms, statues and showpieces. 

Art and crafts

For different arts and crafts, the majority of adults and children use plaster of paris. Even artists and painters are using this material to create beautiful designs and patterns. The use of this material is based on the needs and applicability. 

Medical application and purposes

POP is extensively used in the field of medicine as it is often used in fracture cases to create hard casts. This material is used for creating orthopaedic cast as it supports, protect cracked, heals and broken bones. It is used to create various types of an object by pouring the plaster into a plastic mould. It is used in the field of dentistry. A dentist uses this material to make dentures to carry out advanced dental works such as make wax false teeth and make replicas of teeth and tissues.

The immense versatility of POP material

POP material is highly versatile and customizable material. This material is used to create replicas as it seldom shrinks when it dries. You can use tools such as sand paper and carving tools to modify this building material. There are several online suppliers of plaster of paris. Reliable pop suppliers supply fine grades of plaster of paris at a reasonable rate. Even they provide a heavy discount for bulk orders.

Wrapping up

You can easily get the plaster of paris (POP) because there are hundreds of online POP suppliers. But it would be best to choose the reputed, trustworthy, experienced supplier of plaster of paris.