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Transform your hallway with front door glass inserts

Post pandemic, several renovation projects have come into action. And, it seems, the more glass your front door has, the better it is!

More glass inserts- better light

Well, it’s true! The bigger your glass insert is in your front door; the lighter will pass through it into your hallway. 

A glass front door is better if you have long, narrow hallways like Victorian and Georgina properties, and regardless of the number of lights you add, it appears to be gloomy.

You can go for front door glass inserts these days. They have gained a lot of popularity these days. There are spotted glass doors, with most of the area covered with reinforced glass. 

Door with glass panel 

With time people have become more ready to add glass to their doors. It is not surprising to follow the glass panel trends and choose contemporary extensions.

This offers a better light entrance into the area and completely transforms the space.

DIY glass insert doors

Often people choose to install glass inserts on their own if they are on a restricted budget. However, it is always suggested to get it done by professionals as it is worth the price. Secondly, you don’t go for glass inserts every 6 months or year; hence it is a long-term investment and should only be handled by professionals.

Benefits of adding glass door inserts

  • Safety of your front door

Often people question the safety of glass door inserts. Are decorative glasses safe for your door? Well, the glass used in the front door is tempered, proving to be stronger.

Plus, the glass door gives you an idea of who is standing at your door from before; hence you no longer have to open the door to answer someone. 

  • Front door curb appeal

A front door is not just the entrance to your house. It is the first thing a visitor notices about your home, apart from the exterior. It enhances the curb appeal, changes the façade, and boosts your home’s value. Selecting a front door with door glass inserts gives you all the above things. Whether you choose transparent glass, stained glass, or artistic glass, everything works great for your entry door. It is a fantastic way to enhance the look of your house without burning a hole in your pocket.

More light

If you want better light in your entryway, all you need to do is add glass inserts to your door. It works amazingly well and enlightens your hallway as you have always wanted.

People are often scared that glass door inserts may hinder their privacy, but this is not the case. Choosing stained or opaque glasses doesn’t compromise your privacy and gives you a plethora of benefits. 

So, without wasting any time, choose professionals like Window Mart to do the installation for you. Pick the best glass inserts for your front door and give your home an amazing makeover without spending too much money.