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Tips And Tricks When Rearranging Furniture Items In Your House

Moving from one place to another is already a difficult feat. When you add to that bulky or delicate furniture, it makes for one tough task indeed.

Nonetheless, there are certain methods to keep your stressful move simpler and easier. For instance, hiring the assistance of expert hornsbyRemovalists from Bill Removalists Sydney allows you not only to save some cash but also be more effective in packing and moving your belongings.

If you want to learn more about moving various furniture, here are eight tricks that you should try next time.

  1. Use The “Hook” Technique For Chairs

Large chairs like office chairs are hard to move around especially the ones without wheels. If you’re rearranging your office or house or moving things out, hook the chairs around the corners of the door. Turn the chair onto its side and let the back enter the doorway first. Curl it around the door frame and let it through.

  1. Carry Tall Items

Carrying tall furniture items like a dresser, cabinet, or a shelving unit is a two-person job. It is quite difficult to move them around alone. Have one person carry at a higher angle and another one carrying lower or shift your angles to distribute the weight of the item evenly.

  1. Maneuver Couches On End

Sofas and couches are difficult to handle, especially through a doorway. A pro tip into moving this large furniture is to slide it through the door vertically instead of horizontally. Follow the same “hook” technique to curl the couch out.

  1. Use Lifting Or Moving Straps

If you can get your hands on moving or lifting straps, use it to your advantage. Otherwise, ask for profecient Pyrmont removalists like Bill Removalists Sydney if they use such a device. These straps come in handy when dealing with heavy furniture, and they also come in different sizes to max out lifting capabilities.

  1. Slide Items And Furniture

If you want to move a few of your belongings yourself even before the actual move, don’t waste your time and energy carrying pieces one by one. Instead, take a piece of cloth and put all the items on top and slide away. You can also use bedspreads, blankets, towels, and even carpets to follow this technique.

  1. Use Blankets And Plastic Wrap For Protection

Other packing materials can cost you way more than necessary. Instead of purchasing new packing material, you can look for old house items like worn-out bedsheets, stained towels, etc. You can use them to wrap around your furniture before moving them out.

  1. Disassemble What You Can

You might be surprised to know that you can take apart most of your furniture, especially if you had someone else install it in the first place. Before your moving day, disassemble what you can to move and pack a lot easier.

  1. Map Out Where The Furniture Lands

Before you rearrange your house or move to a new one, list all your furniture items and make a simple sketch on where each piece will go in each room. So, you won’t have to keep moving heavy items around when you’re settling in. Doing this technique will allow your movers to have a better idea of where they need to place specific items, instead of asking you every time they bring in furniture.

Final Thoughts

Moving can be less stressful, especially if you plan carefully. Keep these clever tricks in mind so you can have a better moving experience in the future.