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The need of architectural designs in data center

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When it comes to great agility and asset utilization in the data center, many aspects stand out, such as openness, scalability, and composability. The term openness means you can choose and integrate parts based on their best compatibility, whereas scalability lets you to use as many parts as you need to assemble or computer electricity as per the workload. The term composability mean you can exactly match hardware parts to a specific type of component, such as co-processors, NVMe modules, FPGAs, network connectivity, storage, memory, and CPUs, etc to match the workload. 

Nowadays, composable disaggregated infrastructure (CDI) module is recommended as it complements SDI technologies and virtualization to offer the agility and efficiency that today’s data centers demand. CDI is an emerging technology in an architectural design that offers open management APIs, high scalability, and hardware composability. It works with software defined infrastructure and virtualization to enhance data center flexibility and efficiency by lessening the limitations forced by servers with fixed ratios of storage, memory, compute, networking and accelerator resources. 

Some of challenges for old data center designs 

The need for enhanced dynamic hardware configurability is due to the introduction of new trends and technologies.  

Hyper growth: The new computing concepts such as edge and cloud computing are forcing service providers to scale their data centers that otherwise traditional structure can’t offer. 

Hyper density: The demand for more storage capacity and compute is driving operators to get more computing done with budget invested on electricity, cooling, floor space, and new equipment. 

Higher workloads: Few things, such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and Big Data are increasing sheer scale of the workload. These new types of workloads often exhibit huge variations in demand over time.

Latest hardware technologies: The different types of interconnects, storage, and processors, etc are making older devices inflexible and inefficient.

Though these are the new trends, most applications are composed of interconnected software and upgraded hardware components, which is making the data center to be highly optimized and dynamically scaled. Hence data center architecture should use latest and industry innovation methods to optimize performance through custom configurations, such as fast accelerators and non-volatile memory. 

How do you figure out if your data center is under stress? If your facility management needs a large technical staff or need complex handling, it’s time to think about the new design, automated infrastructure management for more capacity and efficient use of staff. You can get in touch with Stendel Reich distribution center architects for more details about architectural designs.