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The 5 cheapest places to buy property in Norway

5. Sandnes

The city of Sandnes is located very closely to the southern point of the Gandsfjord in Rogaland County. It is located in the Stavanger/Sandnes conurbation. There are many things which can be done in Sandnes. One of the primary reasons why people come is because of the unblemished nature. There are the lovely mountains in the region but there are also the North Sea Beaches. Many activities are engaged in such as windsurfing, cycling and hiking. Another important attraction in Sandnes is the science museum and also the Kongeparken theme park which is so popular among small children. An apartment will cost US$265,000.

4. Svalbard

Between the North Pole and mainland Norway you will find Svalbard which is a Norwegian archipelago. This is an inhabited area which is very close to the North Pole. It is an extremely rugged area where there are frozen tundra sheltering polar bears; there are Arctic foxes, Svalbard reindeer and many other dangers. Another benefit of living in this area is that the Northern Lights are visible during winter. However during the summer month’s people can enjoy the midnight sun seeing that there are 24 hours of daylight. An apartment can cost cash buyers around US$245,000.

3. Oslo

The capital city of Norway is Oslo. It is located on the southern coast of Norway at the head of the Oslofjord. This city has become well-known for its numerous museums’ and also for green places. Several of the popular attractions in Oslo are on the Bygdøy Peninsula. Other places of interest are the Viking Ship Museum, where there is Viking ships dating back to the 9th century. There is also the Norwegian Maritime Museum and people also go to Holmenkollbakken which is simply a hill where a lot of ski-jumping is done. This location also provides panoramic views of the fjord and there is also a ski museum. You can expect to pay US$240,000 for an apartment.

2. Harstad

Norway has several counties such as Troms og Finnmark which has a municipality by the name of Harstad. Most of Harstad is located on the large island of Hinnøya. Harstad is the administrative center of the entire region. This is also the most populous town in Central Hålogaland. Furthermore, Harstad is the third-largest in all of Northern Norway. The incorporation of this town took place in 1904. It is surrounded by beautiful nature and there are several beautiful lakes which continue to attract many visitors. An apartment can cost US$190,000.

1. Nordkappveien

There is a long list of very special attractions in the area such as Kirkeporten in Skartswag, there is North Cape where people can take part in a reindeer tour. People also go to Nordkapphallen and Cape Marina. There is also a day tour known as destination 71° north which is very popular among people. The Perleporten Kulturhus is equally interesting and the same thing is true for the Artico Ice bar. People can also take part in a Bird Safari which will introduce them to some interesting birds in the region. A house will cost €155,000.