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Spray paint like a boss!

There are certain techniques and tips to bear in mind before you start spray painting.

  • The surface needs to be prepped

This will require both cleaning and smoothening. For this, you will have to completely filter out dirt, grime or debris. If there are any bumps, it will clearly show through the paint. Even worse, the paint might even accentuate the imperfections. Use a sandpaper to clean the surface and finish it off with a cloth to remove the remnants. Ensure that the cloth is lint-free or it will serve to add more impurities.

  • Shake the can well before use

The can must be shaken every so often, all through the process of spray painting. This will ensure that the ingredients are well integrated before you start.

  • Proficient usage of the can

You must hold the spray can at a distance of over 6-8 inches away from the intended surface. At this point, spray elsewhere before you start because the paint splatters initially. Once you press down that nozzle, make a swift and steady movement of your entire arm to cover one large stroke of paint. Overlapping by 50% is the golden rule. It is best to have numerous light coats in contrast to one heavy coat that will potentially cause dripping.

Read the instructions at the back of the can. Different spray-paint brands come with their own manuals.

  • Turntable

If you’re going to be painting small objects and wish to avoid product wastage, then consider using a turntable that will allow you to continuously paint while spinning the table.

  • Spray gun

You can use a spray gun in the case of large surfaces.  It is a device that resembles a gun and creates a fine spray of paint under pressure.

  • Recycling old cans of spray paint

If you’re going to be doing that, then be prepared for a glitch in the functioning. You can quite simply resolve that by removing the nozzle and soaking it overnight in a solvent such as paint thinner to dissipate the paint. Alternatively, you can also soak it in a tub of hot water. This will diminish the stickiness of the pain and help enhance the pressure in the can.

  • The usage of a respirator

No, a mask will not cut it. You will need a professional respirator as spray paint fumes are highly toxic. Don’t fret over the price. It is still cheaper than a visit to the ER. You may also want to paint in a well-ventilated area. Spray net exterior painting deals in special areas like door and windows.