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Scottsdale Waterfront: The Perfect Place to Live

Scottsdale, Arizona, is a resort town known for its golf courses, high-end shopping, and warm desert climate. In the past few years, it has become synonymous with another kind of development: the transformation of its Waterfront.

Scottsdale Waterfront is a luxurious development in the heart of Scottsdale, Arizona. This neighborhood boasts a variety of amenities, including a pool, playground, and fitness center. Residents and guests can enjoy the community’s lush green spaces and desert views.


Twenty years of planning have culminated in the Waterfront. The $250 million project aimed to leverage the Arizona Canal as a significant attraction.

Over the years, the vision for the Waterfront evolved from an idea to a reality. Today, the Waterfront provides a unique destination for visitors and residents in the heart of downtown Scottsdale.

It is a destination where you can experience the best Arizona offers, including world-class museums, galleries, restaurants, and more. Your visit to this stylish community will provide an unforgettable experience and be the perfect backdrop to your next adventure in Scottsdale.

Activities and amenities available:

The Scottsdale Waterfront is Arizona’s newest and most exciting destination for dining, shopping, and entertainment. Nestled along the Salt River at the western edge of downtown, the Waterfront offers a variety of world-class dining and retail experiences, all within the picturesque setting of the city’s reborn riverfront.

The Waterfront features a multi-use public space with a riverfront promenade, outdoor event lawn, sculptures, fountains, and more. It also features the city’s most extensive collection of restaurant and retail venues, including a mixed-use mega-store, a lifestyle center, a food hall, and more.

Waterfront is the destination development of Scottsdale‘s North Waterfront – both are experiencing unprecedented growth and revitalization, making it a premier real estate location.

With established shops, restaurants, and specialty retailers, it has the potential to become Scottsdale’s most vibrant destination. These retailers have had high demand since the beginning, and many businesses are already expanding.

The current state of properties of the Waterfront:

The Waterfront housing market is a lucrative business opportunity in various shapes and sizes. The lawns are beautifully maintained, and the vistas are breathtaking. Visitors may get personal, up-close tours of the residences with modern designs by contacting a realtor.

Near the Waterfront, a tonne of properties is available for buy. They have a wide selection of reasonable prices and many excellent contemporary features. For a house of 5.835 square feet, the typical listing price of $870,000 is a great deal.

Some of the properties include:

  • Waterfront Condos– Increasing new purchasers is a significant factor in the Waterfront condo community’s success. A greater understanding of the places may also be provided to potential customers by the variety of foot designs.
  • Residences– The deals are reasonable, and plenty of alternatives suit any budget. There are facilities, including rooftop pools. In addition, several locations are conveniently accessible from there.
  • Waterfront Single Family Homes– This neighborhood allows visitors to purchase their ideal home. There are several varied options available in the nearby single-family homes.

Scottsdale Waterfront is one of the most affluent and fashionable neighborhoods. Right in the heart of Downtown Scottsdale, it is home to a wide range of dining, shopping, and entertainment options. It is also the ideal place to experience the beauty and charm of Old Town, which is just stepping away.

One can enjoy the walks surrounded by festive palm trees, striking flowers, magnificent public art sculptures, fountains, and open-air courtyards that give the estate a European feel. The Waterfront is a positive catalyst in the community and offers many opportunities for visitors and residents to get involved.