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It’s time to schedule spring yard cleanup 

There is no best time to schedule a spring yard clean up than now. Yard clean up gives your landscape an optimal space for growth as well as a new look. A cleanse yard offers healthy benefits as well as an anesthetic that you must benefit from it. There are different reasons why you need to schedule a yard clean up. The following are some of the reasons for scheduling yard clean up.

  1. Removing debris accumulated over the winter

Spring yard cleanup is very vital in removing natural debris that has accumulated over the winter. Wind, ice, as well as snow, which bring down branches and the remaining leaves on trees. Spring is the best time to remove branches, dead leaves, twigs as well as unnecessary plants or weeds in your yard. Also, spring yard cleanup ensures you eliminate rodent spots as well as other pests that could have found a host in your yard. The clean yard allows sunlight, water as well as other essential nutrients to reach your lawn as well as reducing diseases’ infiltrating your yard.

  1. Restoring your property landscape

Well, months of winter have made our landscape overlooked to some extent, and your bed is also in poor condition. Spring yard cleanup will ensure your yard’s original aspect, as well as your lawn beds, needs restoring, manicured, and taken care of properly. It is also the best time to do mulch and rock installation evenly across your landscape beds. It will leave your yard in a cohesive and in a better look. Lawn care is an essential aspect of restoring your property landscape.

  1. Giving your lawn a fresh mow after winter dormancy

Your lawn requires properly and professionally mowing after a lengthy time of winter dormancy. This part of cleanup allows your grass an excellent start point for a growing season. Make sure while mowing the lawn, you maintain 2 to 4 inches’ grass height as well as a one-third mowing rule. This mowing rule requires that you shouldn’t cut more than a third of your lawn grass in a single visit to ensure adequate photosynthesis is taking place across the year.

  1. The perfect time for shrub pruning

Springtime offers the best moment to remove any overgrown shrubs shielding your bushes as well as sizing them up by pruning them to level. Trees, as well as shrubs, sometimes should benefit from spring cleanup. Removing dead limbs as well as winterkill branches keeps your yard perfect. Therefore, the best time to prune your sturdy wood on your compound shrubs is springtime. Planning when you want your shrubs to bloom is usually determined by the time you prune them. Some shrubs like Forsythia and Lilacs bloom during springtime. It’s prudent not to prune them during spring yard clean up as you will lose flowers.

  1. Aerate and overseed grass

Spring yard cleanup is the best time you inspect and spot areas where your yard has compact grass as well as areas where your yard grass is sparse. Aerate your lawn and overseed it during spring for a lush, green lawn in summer.

  1. Perfect time to fertilize your lawn

If you are aspiring to have a perfect green lawn, then springtime is the best time to start applying fertilizer to your lawn as you prepare for a growing season. Fertilizer applied during spring allows it to recover from harsh winter weather.

As we have observed above, spring is the best time to schedule your yard clean up for several reasons, as discussed above. Spring is a hectic season, and planning will save you time during the cleanup. You can involve professional landscapers in your lawn management plan as well as quotations if you cannot clean your yard.