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Investing in Custom Bathroom Cabinets to Maximise Your Space

A personalised bathroom is made to fit your needs, combining luxury and functionality. While your bathroom can be your home’s smallest room, it must store and organise different items. With all cleaning supplies, toiletries, and towels wanting their share of the space, you end up with overstuffed drawers and cluttered countertops. But you can avoid all these when you invest in bathroom cabinets by ReveCuisine. Custom bathroom cabinets provide unlimited design and storage possibilities. Aside from resolving storage issues, they can make your space more stylish. The following are tips to optimise the functionality of your kitchen cabinets:

Add Cabinet Accessories

Divider inserts are a great addition to your bathroom cabinets or vanity. They can separate dental care items and bottles or your skincare products and makeup. Likewise, you can add utensil-style pull-outs and spice racks to hold accessories like curling irons, straighteners, and blow dryers. And if your bathroom is also your laundry room, adding a pull-out bin in the cabinet can give you something to stow dirty clothes away. Make sure you have towels and drying racks. 

Take Advantage of Drawers

Shaving accessories, hairbrushes, and makeup can eat up your bathroom counter space. You can prevent clutter by having a place for putting them away like drawers. Slide-out drawers in bathroom cabinets have good storage capacity and let you see their contents. Also, drawers offer dedicated storage, especially if many are people living in your home.

Consider More than One Sink If Necessary

After knowing where you will place your bathroom cabinets, consider the number of sinks you will need. Powder rooms, small bathrooms and guest bathrooms may require just one. But master baths often require two sinks, which allow you to dedicate one for every person.

Opt for Adjustable Storage

The cabinet space in your bathroom will evolve with your family. The majority of stock cabinets are not available with adjustable shelving. To address this issue, invest in extraordinary bathroom shelving solutions. It is a good idea to have custom bathroom storage that you can adjust, particularly if you have children and frequent guests. 

Invest in a Pantry Cabinet

Did you know that tall pantry cabinets are excellent places for storing additional linens, different bathroom items, and makeup? These cabinets can be easily tucked into narrow nooks and corners. Often, they are more efficient than cabinets of similar size, which makes them an ideal option if you have a small bathroom.