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How To Compare And Choose Well

Which artificial lawn to choose from is an increasingly large offer? Which models can match my project? With a lifespan exceeding 20 years of use, it is essential to make the right choice.

Use and visual: What determines the choice of the model?

Short or thick synthetic turf: each model has its specificities. Cheap lawns are often the shortest and least realistic. They tolerate trampling better. High-end lawns are often thicker and look like real natural lawns.

For A Garden:

On large surfaces (>30m²), a lawn that is too short will have a “carpet” effect. Generally, we favor aesthetics and quality models greater than 40mm high here.

For A Pool Surround:

The synthetic lawns offered on the market are, for the most part, compatible with the proximity of a swimming pool. We are looking for comfort for this type of use because this area will be trodden barefoot. Just like the garden, wear your choice of strands from 40mm.

For A Terrace:

A zone of passage, therefore, is frequently trampled. Even if a thick model can be easily installed, we recommend lawns between 20 and 35 mm. from above for comfort and realism. More resistant to settling and easy to maintain.

For A Balcony:

Like the terrace, a 20 to 35-mm thick lawn will be recommended for a balcony. The choice of short strands will make it easier to move furniture, increase resistance to settling, and simplify cleaning.

What you should remember:

Medium and large surfaces opt for realism:

  • From 40mm. High, you will have a “natural effect.”
  • Small surfaces opt for practicality:
  • Between 20 and 35mm. High, you will get a clean and practical surface.

Compare: How To Choose Well?

Comparing synthetic turf models or plastic shed bases can seem complex if you look at the technical data sheets. The Dtex, the weight, the number of tufts, and points. All these data are not determining criteria in the choice of the coating. For example, a dense lawn can quickly have a “carpet” finish over a large area.

If you do not have the possibility, the ideal is to see the models exhibited on large surfaces (showroom, realization at a customer). But, in most cases, the only way to choose is the samples. We strongly recommend that you compare several models, even as a sample.

Here are a few tips for comparing your samples:

  • Straighten the strands of the samples
  • Put them on the ground, take a step back
  • Place them outside, in the sun, and then in the shade