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How to Choose the Right Pallet for Your Needs?

To meet your vital business needs, it is important to select the right pallets. This will not only help you to maximize the amount of your shipments, but will also protect them from damages. They will arrive at the destination safely, and that too without costing you a lot. 

Since there are multiple pallets available in the market, choosing the right ones might be difficult at times. Here is some guidance to help you with your next pallet purchase. 

Types of pallets

Though one might find multiple options around the market, here are the most popular ones. 

Stringer pallets

The design is named after three or more parallel pieces of timber, which makes up the frame. There is a top deckboard which is then attached to these parallel stringers to create a pallet structure. There are two-way and four-way stringer pallet categories available. 

Block pallets

These are stronger as compared to the previous category. These are made using parallel and perpendicular stringers. Here more timber is required for the construction and might cost you higher. 

How to purchase pallets?

When it comes to buying pallets, there are majorly two options. 

New pallets

These are the new ones which are made after you place the order. One can find some reasonable offers on these but to save the costs, it is best to get the used ones. But if you have to meet certain requirements, going for the new ones might help. 

Used pallets 

These are the pre-owned pallets which you can procure at much better rates. The used pallets are refurbished to meet all the necessary specifications and are best for businesses operating at very tight budgets.

Pallet accessories 

These are the additional pieces which will help to keep your shipment safe while it is being transported. This is an integral inclusion in your pallet shopping list. 

Pallet collars

These are very modern and efficient replacement of the age-old traditional cardboard boxes. These are constructed with wooden boards and metal hinges for safe holding. 

Pallet wrap

This is the plastic wrap used to hold the package in place. If one chooses to wrap it manually, it will be extremely difficult. The wrapping has to start from the bottom of the pallet and it should move upwards. 

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