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How is synthetic grass made? What is its use?

The cespedsintetico has several names such as  artificial turf, synthetic grass, or even fake grass.

The synthetic grass was designed initially to mimic a maximum natural grass.

The artificial turf is designed with plastic manufactured by chemical synthesis to gather the characteristics of natural grass.

One of the many advantages that exist in a synthetic lawn is that it requires no maintenance and not the slightest watering. The cesped artificialprovides a green garden all year round regardless of the climatic conditions of the region where we live.

Then these lawns were deployed and improved for the American football fields, hockey club, Racetracks, Cesped para cancha de futbol.

In the 1960s, many sports clubs were equipped with synthetic stadiums to reduce costs over time.

It was not until the 2000s that Europe started to step up and began to take an interest in the advantages of synthetic turf.

Since then, a large number of factories have been created, and the turf has evolved considerably.

How is synthetic grass made?

Originally synthetic turf was designed based on nylon. This manufacturing method is becoming increasingly rare, the fibers which now constitute your artificial grass are made of polyethylene or polypropylene.

To manufacture the fiber necessary for the creation of synthetic turf, polymer granules are used.

These granules are subjected to a high temperature and are extruded to form strands of the lawn. Once the fiber is made, it is wound on a spool. The quality of fiber varies according to several factors.

The backing is the weft of the grass, and we often find latex for gardens and Polyurethane for sports fields.

The material used for the design: Polypropylene or polyethylene

The type of fiber: qualification of the fiber, it is a question of its shape and its particularity.

The gauge is the spacing between two rows of wire, and it is expressed in inches.

Yarn structure: tells you what type of fibers were used to design the synthetic turf.

The synthetic turf is manufactured by a technique similar to that of tufting carpets.We are going to sew loops of threads on a support called backing, using a giant sewing machine. The assembly of these synthetic turf loops will depend on the type of turf you want to make.