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Home Decor and Accessories: Online Buying Guide

Snapping up amazing home decor and accessories online is no easy task. When you think about it, it’s usually hard enough to get right when you’re doing it in person, so it’s no wonder we all stumble a little when the time comes to hitting that add to cart button! If you’re tired of endless scrolling and product stalking, second guessing your every click, then you’ve come to just the right spot! Read on for a guide on how to buy accessories and decor online that will blend perfectly with your home…

Measure, measure, measure

Before you do anything else, you need to take the time to actually understand the space that you’re trying to fill. This goes for every single accessory that you’re thinking of purchasing – even if it’s just a photo frame. Having the dimensions of your room or the area in which you’re decoding handy will ensure that you’re purchasing your products to scale. Shopping to scale means that everything blends seamlessly and looks just so. Keep your measurements with you everywhere you shop to avoid any dollhouse sized furniture disasters rocking up on your doorstep!

Begin with the budget

All good purchases start with a well considered and closely followed budget – even if it’s not that fun to put together. Online shopping with no spending guidelines can get very confused very quickly, leaving you in a wormhole of endless tabs and way too many options, not good. Avoid overloading yourself and allocate yourself a budget to stick to. This will direct where you can and can’t shop, so it’s important to get sorted nice and early on.

Take a look around!

Next, pull your eyes away from that screen and glue them on your home. Consider your overarching aesthetic that you already have going on, take a mental note of your colour palette, the general vibe of your decor and the materials that your furniture is crafted from. By making your decision based on your home and not someone else’s online or the styling that you see on the site, you’ll wind up with furniture decor that feels like you!

Do your homework

Once you find a few pieces that you’re super excited about and you can’t wait to get into your home, take a breath, and do some detective work. Simply Google the accessory in question and check out whether it’s been featured in any good blog posts, reviews or photo shoots to ensure that you’re going to love it in different lights and environments.

Always read the fine print

The fine print is there for a reason, people, read it! This is where you’ll find size specifications, material composition and any other details that you might want to be schooled on before you spend your hard earned money on something online. You might even find some styling tips or handy upkeep suggestions down there, you never know unless you look!

Check up on store policies

Finally, shop policies. This is really important, so make sure that you don’t skim over it in your shopper’s excitement. You don’t want to encounter any dramas on delayed shipping, import taxes or returns should something not feel quite right once it hits your home. So many people neglect to look into store policies and they wind up kicking themselves down the line. Save yourself the regret and read before you buy. If you can’t find any details you’re looking for, don’t feel shy of sending the customer service contact a quick email.

Ready to find yourself some awesome homewares online? Get hunting!