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Go Natural With Ipe Wood For Your Decking Needs

The brazilian ipe wood Florida is the most durable and environmentally-friendly decking, a porch flooring choice. Ipe decking offers the best blend of quality, price, and longevity. The magic word comes with the rich, red amber color of the wood. Brazilian ipe wood can withstand all climatic conditions without chemical preservatives.

It is one of the strongest woods and is durable, making it an ideal choice for commercial projects. Also, it is used for large-scale boardwalks, beach piers, and public benches. Ipe proved to be an environmentally friendly decking option. It can resist decking issues, such as:

  • Decay
  • Rot
  • Termites
  • Bugs and more
  • Specifications of ipe wood

Ipe is known for its various names and is popularly known as Brazilian walnut. It is one of the hardest woods existing on earth. You can think of something three times as sturdy as a baseball bat. Yes, ipe wood has been used for the baseball bat that goes to the Olympic Bird’s nest in Beijing. Also, Europe has been a strong user of Ipe wood for decades.

For exterior and interior use, the home, deck, and dock builders known as Ipe is a beautiful wood. The wood holds up to the elements and can last for decades.

Touch of elegance

The luxurious grain and brown color of the wood give a touch of elegance. Ipe wood can resist WDO, like rot and termites. If you do nothing after installation, it still lasts for decades, while it turns into a silver-gray patina. All the Ipe is responsibly harvested and complies with the Lacey Act.

The environmentally friendly nature of ipe wood makes it safe to use; it decomposes and returns to earth.

How does Ipe wood perform in rainy conditions?

Here are some characteristics of Ipe wood that make it perform well in rainy conditions:

  • Water resistance. Ipe wood is naturally resistant to water, making it an excellent choice for areas with frequent rain or high humidity. Its dense cell structure and high natural oil content help repel water, preventing the wood from absorbing moisture.
  • Durability. Ipe wood has a high Janka hardness rating, which means it can withstand wear and tear, making it less sensitive to damage from the elements, including rain.
  • Color retention. Ipe wood has a rich, attractive reddish-brown color. Some people appreciate the natural aging process of ipe, while others prefer to maintain the original color by applying a protective finish.

Ipe wood’s exceptional performance in rainy conditions makes it a preferred choice for outdoor applications.