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Gas Top Up Services for your Aircon

The coolant reservoir in your aircon may lose its performance over time, which is a fairly common problem. Even when you are refurbishing the aircon from time to time, this may still take place and it is not the servicing company’s fault. For a number of reasons, the cooling gas of the aircon can start to leak out and it is then that the performance of the aircon gets hampered.

The simplest and most easily addressed cause is a clogged cabin filter. Sometimes, it is so clogged that the air flow simply cannot flow efficiently into the passenger compartment. An indirect symptom of filter problem is the fogging of windows in the rain. This issue is worth looking into to avoid future issues with your aircon system.

Then, there are issues of bad installations as well that may cause the problem, not to forget the poor results that the bad quality of the copper coil can cause. Because of all these, it is important to hire a professional gas top up service to find out the issue and address that. You can request a quote from LK Brothers at for aircon gas refill services.

How much does the Gas Top Up Process Cost?

As the making of the aircons are done following the global standards, which includes the use of the two gases, the R410A or the R22. In Singapore, the Gas Top Up companies have both variations. The prices are as mentioned below:

  • For R410A, the price is from $60 to $150
  • For R22, the price is $40 to $120

In the case of multiple units, asking for quotes is recommended. Gas top up inspection is generally provided for free, and 90 days of warrantee is offered.

Another common reason for poor air conditioning euless tx performance is a radiator clogged with insects, foliage and other substances. A separate air conditioning radiator is usually installed next to the main engine cooling radiator, and road dirt actively collects in the space between them. Rinsing it out at the car wash is another step you can take to combat the problem.

However, this must be done with caution: from a close distance, a jet of water under pressure can bend the soft honeycomb of the radiator. Sometimes, for full access to the radiator of the air conditioner, you need to remove the front bumper.

If the cabin filter and the radiator of the air conditioner are clean, but there is still no desired coolness from the air ducts, it is likely that there is not enough refrigerant in the air conditioning system (freon R134a is used in cars). At a critically low level of freon, the compressor will not turn on at all – the built-in protection will work. Here, you will need the help of specialists.

The function of Freon in an Aircon

The indignation of motorists who regularly spend on interior cooling is understandable. Alas, a car air conditioner is not a household refrigerator, and it is impossible to ensure complete tightness of the system in a car. Firstly, due to engine vibrations, to compensate for its mobility, the compressor is connected to the lines with flexible hoses. Hence, leaks are possible.

Secondly, it can be due to the gradual wear and tear of system elements and loss of tightness of the joints. Leakage of up to 15% of Freon per year is considered natural, so you will have to periodically fill the air conditioning system in any case.