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From Lifestyle to Real Estate: The Best of Greenwich

Greenwich is known for its affluent residents and extravagant lifestyle. The super-wealthy of Greenwich enjoys luxurious estates, cars, and exclusive country clubs. From personal chefs preparing exquisite meals to chauffeured rides in Bentleys, the lives of Greenwich’s rich are marked by customized indulgences and state-of-the-art smart home technologies catering to their every need. Greenwich sets the bar for suburban luxury among America’s top-income earners. Contact Greenwich CT real estate agent Barbara Zaccagnini to help you achieve your dream of owning a property in this fantastic location:

Homes for sale in Greenwich

Greenwich real estate caters to the uber-wealthy, with oceanfront mansions, equestrian estates, and large plots of land providing plenty of privacy. Many homes have every lavish amenity imaginable, from home theaters and wine cellars to tennis courts and infinity pools – all accessible with a button. Prices easily reach the tens of millions for Greenwich luxury real estate; some estates even top $100 million.


The super-wealthy in Greenwich enjoy personalized white-glove service for various services, including landscapers and architects, with money available for any required service. Many wealthy families have private assistants who manage their calendars, households, travel, and run personal errands. Chauffeured cars and childcare providers allow Greenwich residents to kick back while being driven wherever they need to go.


Greenwich offers easy access to elite social clubs, cultural institutions, and events for those looking for luxury leisure activities. The exclusive Round Hill Club provides its well-heeled members with premier dining, golf, tennis, and beach amenities. Many attend cultural events and galas in New York City, returning home to Greenwich for relaxation. Education includes sending children to boarding schools in New England or Ivy League colleges.

From Lifestyle to Real Estate

High-end shopping

The downtown area of Greenwich features world-class shopping, with designer boutiques stocking the latest fashions alongside quaint cafes and antique shops. Personal shoppers source the most coveted haute couture pieces for their wealthy clientele.


Many high-net-worth individuals contribute significant money and time to philanthropic causes. From medical foundations and education organizations to artistic programs or land conservation – charitable boards and donors support missions they connect with. Social galas, hospital wings, and university buildings often prominently feature the names of wealthy Greenwich benefactors.

Greenwich real estate market

The Greenwich real estate market is known for its multi-million dollar homes, exclusivity, and prestige. Many Wall Street bankers and hedge fund managers call Greenwich home, leading to soaring property values. Despite economic downturns, the desirable location near New York City, country-club lifestyle, and status symbol of a Greenwich address insulate the luxury property market. Home prices rise well above national trends, with the median recently surpassing $2 million.

Living in Greenwich

Greenwich has historic homes, boutique shops, art galleries, and fine dining that attracts many visitors. However, living in Greenwich also means dealing with heavy traffic congestion, struggling to find parking spots downtown, and very high taxes and cost of living. The public schools are excellent, though intensely competitive. Greenwich offers a peaceful small-town lifestyle just a short train ride from New York City. Its reputation as an enclave for the ultra-wealthy is well deserved.