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Different Varieties of Indian Roti Recipes Popular for their Delicious Taste and Flavour

The rice and the roti are the basic food items from time immemorial for the people in the Indian subcontinent, and over the period the rice and roti consumers of the region have developed varieties of both rice as well as roti recipes which have attracted global attention for ages. As far as India is concerned, the rice is popularly consumed largely in the south and roti is more preferred in north India with hundreds of different types of roti recipes made and served by numerous cuisines and restaurants such as Rotimatic in India. However, Roti is also a popular recipe in south India known popularly in a different name and with a different type called Chapati.

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Roti Ingredients and their preferences:

The word “roti” is a generic name of the flat-bread in the Indian subcontinent and basically made out of dough and unleavened wheat flour. The roti is also made out of other flours such as other types corns and millets and popularly consumed as region-specific recipes. For example, makki di roti is extremely popular in the state of Punjab in India whereas people in Guharat and Maharastra prefer bhakri and jowar along with bajra roti. In addition to this, in south India, the ragi roti and akki roti is very popular in the state of Karnataka.

Health Benefits and Nutritional Value of Roti:

Besides the taste and flavour of almost all types of roti described above in terms of the ingredients they are made out of, they have high nutritional value and safe for contemporary issues of weight gain and obesity. In fact, in most cases of health hazards, doctors advise to consume roti while restricting many foods including rice. In addition to this, roti provides a full and filling experience which is why roti is often prescribed for weight loss. Roti made out of wheat are rich in fibre and carbohydrate, and do not contain much of fat whereas the roti made out of other ingredients such as millets, jowar and other types of corns are considered more healthy and good for people suffering from various diseases.

Different Types of Roti Recipes and their Preferences:

As said earlier, there are more than hundred types of roti recipes and people from specific region prefer specific types of roti. Some of the most popular types of roti are akki roti, rumali roti, tandoori roti, missi roti, methi missi roti, makki ki roti, jowar roti, phulka roti, sabudana roti, bajra roti, ragi roti, thallipeeth roti, khasta roti, dibba roti, kuttu ki roti, gur ki roti, rajgira roti etc. There are also region or state-specific different types and preferences of roti along with roti recipes such as Gujarati roti, Padvali roti or Gujarati thin roti, Maharashtrian roti etc.

Roti can be categorised as a traditional food recipe of the Indian subcontinent, but it has already gained international fame which can be claimed through numerous Rotimatic reviews basically because of its remarkably delicious taste, mouth-watering flavour and above all, for its health benefits than in comparison to other food recipes across the world.