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Difference Between Real Marble and Faux Marble

These days, the price of real marble has increased significantly, which has taken a toll on the real marble market. Thus, a cheaper alternative to real marble has been developed, which is known as faux marble. This marble type has taken the furniture industry by storm, which is now introducing many different furnishing styles with it. 

Let’s take a look at how both these marble types are different:

Faux marble

Faux marble is nothing but an artificial form of real marble. The designs in a faux marble piece are made through ceramic and synthetic paints. Feathers are used on faux marbles to match the vein-like designs on real marble. Sea sponge, a type of synthetic sponge, is used to blend the various colors found on faux marble. These are usually used for flooring and furniture purposes. It is also a great alternative to marbles.

Real marble

Real marble is a naturally occurring stone made of calcite and limestone and is categorized under a metamorphic rock. Marble is quite a strong stone and gets highlighted and beautified every time it is cleaned and polished. A variety of colors can be found when it comes to real marbles.

Major differences between real and faux marbles

Here are some of the major differences between faux and real marbles:

  • While real marbles are naturally occurring stones, faux marbles are artificially made ceramic tiles that look like real marbles.
  • Real marbles have natural colors, designs, patterns and veins. On the other hand, colors and veins are created through colors on faux marbles.
  • Real marble is quite expensive and displays class. Faux marbles are comparatively cheaper.
  • Real marbles stay strong and sturdy even after acute pressure. Faux marbles are tiles and hence are vulnerable to cracking.
  • Regular cleaning and polishing increase the shine and gloss of real marbles whereas faux marbles have an in-built layer of synthetic oil, which keeps their shine permanent.
  • Real marble needs sealing when installed. In contrast, faux marbles are ready to install.
  • Real marbles come with natural seams in their patterns. On the flip side, seams cannot be made on faux marbles due to their synthetic nature.

Which one to choose?

Your choice of marble completely depends on your requirement. While real marbles can be expensive, faux marbles can fit any budget.

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