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Console Table Buying Guide


Investing in a stylish, beautifully made console table for your home is so exciting! Tables are a hefty purchase, both in that they aren’t cheap and they eat up a lot of your floor plan, so you want to be absolutely sure of what you’re bringing home with you. The good news about console tablesis that they are incredibly versatile! So even if your potential purchase doesn’t quite cut the mustard in the particular location you were thinking of, it might work elsewhere. Regardless of the safety net that their versatility buys you, you should still follow some pointers when you’re thinking of grabbing yourself a brand new console table. Read on for your comprehensive guide to buying your dream table…

Make your measurements

First things first, measurements. You won’t get very far with any homewares addition if you don’t take the time to make some meticulous house measurements. Whip out the tape and note down the dimensions of the area that you’re looking to fill with a console table. Take these figures with you everywhere you shop (especially, repeat, especially online!) to avoid any disasters down the line.

Take a look at your home

Next you’ll have to take the time to take stock of the home that you have in front of you. Getting inspired by glossy magazines and professionally styled images is all well and good, however, the very best home decor is that which fits with the actual space itself. Does your home already have an overarching theme due to decoration or to it’s ‘bones’? If so, you’ll need to shop for a piece that flows with that tone. Maybe you’re buying your furniture to fill a totally new space and you have the opportunity to style from scratch? If that’s the case then you have more room for experimentation. Style to your home and your tastes to get your table purchase right for you.

Consider your floor plan

Consider your floor plan and pre-existing arrangements to ensure that your new table fits in properly. Again, avoid getting overly inspired by aspirational images and instead focus on what your lovely home has to offer to avoid any regrettable mistakes. The right floor plan is one that leaves plenty of room for walkways, natural light and general movement.

Prioritise quality

When you’re shopping for pieces that you want to have around for some time to come, you’ll want to prioritise quality. Yes, flatpack items that look perfect in pictures and cost no more than a good meal out are so, so tempting, however, they just are not going to last or wear well at all. Instead, look for classic tables crafted from natural materials such as timber, glass or metal. Hunt for well made items that are realistic for you. Budgeting and taking your time really is the key to finding a tablet that you’ll treasure and use for the long haul.

Keep an open mind and accessorise accordingly

Whether it’s the shopping, buying, placing or styling process, it’s always important to keep an open mind. Once you find your console table of choice, play around with different placement options in different areas of your home until you feel that you’re completely happy with your location of choice (this is where your floor plan comes in very handy!). Once placed, you can accessorise accordingly. Layer up plants, pictures, vases and other objects for a maximalist styling opportunity or keep it clean and functional for a more minimalist approach, whatever fits your taste!

Follow this guide to find your perfect console table in no time.