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Cleaning the Roof The Right Way – Some Effective Tips:

Are you planning to clean your home roof yourself? In the beginning, it can surely be a struggle to clean the home roof yourself, but it’s never wrong to make self-efforts. Besides, you can always put more effort and save some investment when you clean your home roof yourself.

Even with plenty of roof cleaning company options to consider, it’s hard to make the best decision instantly. So why not try cleaning your home on your own. Besides, when we’re here to help you learn ways to help in effective roof cleaning, you surely won’t need to look for any other roof cleaning company. Are you curious to know what ways we’re talking about here? Let’s go explore them below then!

Keeping the Roof Clean:

As long as you practice some effective tips, there’s no way you will need to contact a roof cleaning company again. Now let’s go ahead and explore some such tips below:

·       Clean Thoroughly:

When it comes to cleaning the rooftop, you must use a sprayer attached to a garden hose. Inside the sprayer, you can use a liquid formula with equal parts of chlorine bleach and water. Once you have sprayed the mixture on the roof, leave it for 15-20 minutes. After that, you can thoroughly rinse the roof with clean water.

·       Be Patient:

In case not all the algae and moss are removed after your first cleaning attempt of the roof, don’t lose hope. Instead, that’s the time to be patient and wait for the rainstorm to wash the algae away. Moreover, the moss will also loosen with rainstorms – allowing you to remove it through a leaf blower.

·       Choose the Right day:

For cleaning the rooftop properly, not every day is the perfect day. Besides, you can’t focus on cleaning on a hot sunny day, right? So instead, wait for a cloudy and calm day to clean the roof of your home. Additionally, keep an eye on the wind; if it is not blowing and there is no precipitation, then you can start cleaning the roof.

·       Focus on Your Safety:

While you are cleaning the roof, make sure that your safety isn’t compromised in any way. For this, you should practice walking on the surface of the roof. If you can safely walk there, then you can clean the roof yourself. However, if the roof slope is steep of your house has multiple stories, then it’s better to hire a roof cleaning company instead. Yet, if it’s easy to walk and you are cleaning the roof yourself, then you should make sure to wear well-fitting shoes that have a rubber slip-resistant sole. Additionally, do take important measures for your eye and skin protection too.


That’s all to the most important tips for cleaning the home roof all by yourself. Like any other home maintenance tips and tutorials, you can easily consider these tips enough for maintaining your home roof. Now go ahead, grab your roof cleaning tools, and maintain it yourself!