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Avail The Services Of Futurewood

Any homeowner who is looking forward to an easy-to-install decking idea that is cost-effective, the same time for their property may consider availing the services from futurewood.

Futurewood provides plastic wood composite which are made from 100% recycled items that are imported by a renowned Industrial industry.


The property owners who possess the timber decks would very much do well in order to assess their preference of decking items in terms of the aesthetics, maintenance required, and the durability it provides. Decks are very much the popular locations when it comes to entertaining family or friends during summer; when the current set of decking material is expensive on cost or high on upkeep, maybe you should consider replacing it with the composite different featuring the timber aesthetic.

There are quite a few decking options available, amongst which CeleveDeck composite is the popular as this offers a durable, virtually maintenance-free solution, environmentally sustainable, and presenting the smarter alternative to the conventional decking of timber products.


Below mentioned features are what makes it very popular-

  • 138mm of wide and solid composite timber decking board
  • Easy in cleaning with a stain-resistant possessing hard outer shell
  • Fade and scratch-resistant
  • BAL -29 rated
  • Comes in seven different vibrant colors

Recycled HDPE

As it is made from the recycled HDPE, this decking is not only durable and environmentally sustainable but will also go on to deliver the ongoing savings from the very minimal requirement of maintenance.

It is also available in distinct five colors-

  • Chocolate
  • Saltbush
  • Slate Grey
  • Mahogany
  • Walnut

The decking range also features a subtle grain pattern where the boards measure 138mm x 5.4m that comes with the domestic warranty of 10 years against rotting and the termite damage. The range includes composite Eco-board decking, available in rough sanded with 86mm Mahogany finish, with no intended grain.

Various Options

Futurewood does not only have Decking services but they also have the services of Screen Fencing And Decorative Cladding, Weatherproof Cladding and you may also get Custom Product Range, in case you are very choosy and ready to invest money.

The futurewood decking range is designed for the DIY installation, which saves the homeowner’s labor costs. These composite deck boards are installed utilizing the deck clip system, which provides a cost-effective, fast and thoroughly concealed fix in order to add the aesthetic look of decking alternative.