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An Open Relationship of Kitchen and Living – 3 Ways to Nail the Integrated Design

The technical term “open floor plan” has turned itself into a more stylish one, “integrated living space.” This is currently one of the most dominating design themes that are doing round in the market for some time. It is actually an open layout and integrating your living area into the kitchen that can offer you actually many advantages.

These days, in cities like Minnesota, it is really difficult to find a big space to live. That is the reason why more and more experiments are happening in the sphere of interior designing. So, if you are thinking of getting the most of the limited space that you have got in your home, having an open floor plan, for kitchen and living, will be a better idea actually.

Advantages of Integrated Kitchen Living Space

  • You will get multifunctional space in your home that will help you keep things organized. Think about it, when you are planning to create design separate kitchen and living areas, it will create a clear division in your home. But at the same time, it will also waste a lot of space that you can utilize more efficiently in open kitchen design.
  • As the whole design will be open and integrated, it will be easier for you to keep the foot traffic smooth. There will be hardly any obstacle due to walls or extra furniture that you generally use in two separate spaces.
  • The design will prove to be cost-effective as you will be done with just one lighting arrangement instead of two for two different rooms.
  • An integrated kitchen and living can create the illusion of a big space in your home that will offer you more space to breathe within the otherwise-congested interior.

So, how can you nail this design like a pro in your modern American home? Take a look at the following points to know more.

Introduce the Gallery Style

Going for a gallery-style décor for your kitchen will be the best idea for you. On one wall, there will be an extensive counter and the whole cabinetry that will create the symmetry beautifully. For the opposite side, go for a contrasting kitchen island that will add texture and dimension in your kitchen décor. For example, if you are going for white shaker cabinets on the wall, it will be easier for you to choose the contrasting darker shaded counter and kitchen island. Go for cherry, grey or black that will offer a stark contract in the color. And shaker style, being simple, and decadent, will offer the perfect sync with the rest of the modern home décor style.

Add Warmth In Color

The home interior should look warm and welcoming. Now, for a kitchen or a living, if you are planning the design scheme, it should exude equal warmth as both of these places will be witnesses of so many memorable moments and shared meals for your family and loved ones. So, if you are planning to create an integrated kitchen and living, make sure it looks that warm and cozy. Going for modern walnut cabinets can be a great idea in this case. Grainy, glowing and traditional, this style brings a lot of glamour and warmth in the design.

For more similar styles and tips that you can integrate into your kitchen and living room, you can visit this website from Beautiful Homes –

Keep It Light and Airy

When you are designing an open living and kitchen, a better idea is to keep it light and airy. Typically, a kitchen generally has one window. But a living area can have two or even more than that. Now, as this is an integrated design, all these windows can be the source of natural lights too. And to make the place look light and bright, add white shaker kitchen cabinets that will keep the whole ambiance cheerful minus monotonous.

So, now as you know about these ways to design an integrated kitchen and living, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on white or walnut kitchen cabinets and create the dream open kitchen in your home.