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5 Amazing Things To Do In The Somerset At The Plantation

The spectacular city of Somerset at The Plantation is a haven that attracts residents and visitors with its stunning weather, nature trails, and vibrant architecture. This charming area in Fort Myers boasts a rich history and fascinating cultural attractions. If you’re a nature lover or an outdoor adventurer, exploring homes for sale in Somerset at the Plantation will reveal this area’s richness of outdoor recreation. Besides, Somerset at The Plantation real estate is home to architectural excellence, so you’ll locate an ideal property that allows you to enjoy nature views anytime. Let’s explore some enchanting things to do in Somerset at The Plantation.

1. Spend The Day At Fort Myers Beach

The idyllic location of the Somerset at The Plantation near Fort Myers Beach paves the way for residents to enjoy plenty of watersports. Offering breathtaking sunsets, Fort Myers Beach is an excellent location to enjoy forays into the water. Furthermore, head to the beach with your loved ones during weekends or off days for a day in the sun as you enjoy sunbathing and surfing. In addition, the beach allows you to indulge in the culinary scene in Somerset at The Plantation since top-notch restaurants are within reach.

2. Explore Lakes Regional Park

The over 300-acre stunning park is a favorite for every resident in Somerset at The Plantation. What sets this unique park apart is that it encompasses nature trails, several playgrounds, a lake, and beautiful gardens. Adding to its perks is renting bikes and watercraft to explore the park. Here, you can enjoy a family or romantic picnic at your convenience.

3. Go Sightseeing At The Six Miles Cypress Slough Nature Preserve

This historical landmark is the best nature preserve in Somerset at The Plantation. Besides enjoying breathtaking neighborhood sites, this gem allows you to enjoy a memorable hike amidst nature trails. If you enjoy running, jogging, or taking calm walks, consider strolling along the Six Miles Cypress Slough Nature Preserve. Moreover, you’ll likely encounter wildlife, including alligators, turtles, and birds. When you visit here once, you will desire to return sooner.

4. Tour the Zoomers Amusement Park

Anyone seeking a kids-friendly park has all their answers at the Zoomers Amusement Park. This phenomenal landmark in Fort Myers hosts a series of games, rides, and attractions, thus creating a memorable experience for people of all ages. If you or your kids enjoy go-karts, mini golf, or a fun arcade, book your slots early in the Zoomers Amusement Park.

5. Enjoy A Fresh Meal At The Local Restaurants

During the days when your appetite is high, and you aren’t interested in touring the outdoors, grab a fresh meal at the local restaurants in Somerset at The Plantation. After all, the town is a hub of sumptuous meals prepared directly from local farm produce. One of the locals’ favorites is The Olive Tree, which offers fine European and British meals. You can also visit The New Inn and Crescent restaurants and enjoy a budget-friendly meal and your favorite wine.

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